Cyber Security Clubs

One of our main objective of Cyberjamii Organization is to inspire, support and promote ICT and cybersecurity skills and innovations. This is done by establishing of clubs in education communities (secondary schools, universities or colleges) in our country. This will not only improve our cybersecurity and ICT literacy in the country but also will create and prepare a generation that is full of passion and driven to tackle cyber issues ethically. Here in Cyberjamij we call that generation a cyber-savvy, cyberheroes for our country.

Cyber Security Training

As Hellen Keller once said “Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much”. Cyberjamii Organization cooperate with other organizations by offering cybersecurity trainings to staffs in order to pursue the vision of keeping the digital space safe and secure. These trainings based on implementing best practices on information security, assist on implementation of several standards as well as educate individuals on how to keep information secure and to stay safe while performing their daily activities on their workplace.


This is a platform that encompasses very interesting contents and diverse topics based on Information technology security. If you are a student and you are fascinated on learning and obtain knowledge on cybersecurity, this is it. We have challenges and games that can assists you to know to how to protect yourself and your friends. You just need to enroll.

Media Awareness

We believe that media is one of the most powerful tool of communication. Cyberjamii Organization use different media technologies such as social media, radio,TV, websites, blogs, newspapers and others to reach our goal. So far, Cyberjamii provides various sessions that cover a large community of Tanzanians and worldwide with an aim of Instilling digital security knowledge and help them to stay secured in digital life.


Cyber Security Training

Cyberjamii worked together with HelptoHelp IT Bootcamp 2020 to provide cyber security awareness training on cybercrimes related to the young girls and discuss with them on how to stay secured from cyber bullying.


Media Awareness

Cyberjamii had a session with GlobalFM, MagicFM, Chanel10, Morning Start FM for the aim of providing cyber security awareness to our Tanzania community.