Acunetix is an automated web application security testing tool that audits your web applications by checking for vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Cross site scripting and other exploitable vulnerabilities. In general, Acunetix scans any website or web application that is accessible via a web browser and uses the HTTP/HTTPS protocol.

Acunetix offers a strong and unique solution for analyzing off-the-shelf and custom web applications including those utilizing JavaScript, AJAX and Web 2.0 web applications. Acunetix has an advanced crawler that can find almost any file. Further information click here 


Metasploit Pro

Metasploit Pro enables you to automate the process of discovery and exploitation and provides you with the necessary tools to perform the manual testing phase of a penetration test. You can use Metasploit Pro to scan for open ports and services, exploit vulnerabilities, pivot further into a network, collect evidence, and create a report of the test results.

Metasploit Pro helps you identify the weakest point to exploit a target and prove that a vulnerability or security issue exists. Further information click here 



Wireshark is a network packet analyzer.  A network packet analyzer presents captured packet data in as much detail as possible.

Wireshark can be used to examine the details of traffic at a variety of levels ranging from connection-level information to the bits that make up a single packet. Packet capture can provide a network administrator with information about individual packets such as transmit time, source, destination, protocol type and header data. This information can be useful for evaluating security events and troubleshooting network security device issues. Further information click here 



OSSEC is a platform to monitor and control your systems. It mixes together all the aspects of HIDS (host-based intrusion detection), log monitoring, and Security Incident Management (SIM)/Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) together in a simple, powerful, and open source solution.

OSSEC lets customers configure incidents they want to be alerted on, and lets them focus on raising the priority of critical incidents over the regular noise on any system. Integration with smtp, sms, and syslog allows customers to be on top of alerts by sending them to e-mail enabled devices. Active response options to block an attack immediately are also available. Further information click here 



Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) is an analytics-driven SIEM made of five distinct frameworks that can be leveraged independently to meet a wide range of security use cases including compliance, application security, incident management, advanced threat detection, real-time monitoring and more. 

It that provides insight into machine data generated from security technologies such as network, endpoint, access, malware, vulnerability and identity information. Further information click here 



is an open source network intrusion detection system (NIDS) created by Martin Roesch. Snort is a packet sniffer that monitors network traffic in real time, scrutinizing each packet closely to detect a dangerous payload or suspicious anomalies.

Snort has three primary uses: It can be used as a straight packet sniffer like tcpdump, a packet logger (useful for network traffic debugging, etc), or as a full blown network intrusion prevention system. Further information click here 



Network Mapped (Nmap) is a network scanning and host detection tool that is very useful during several steps of penetration testing. Nmap is not limited to merely gathering information and enumeration, but it is also powerful utility that can be used as a vulnerability detector or a security scanner. So Nmap is a multipurpose tool, and it can be run on many different operating systems including Windows, Linux, BSD, and Mac.

Many systems and network administrators also find it useful for tasks such as network inventory, managing service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or service up-time. Further information click here