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One of the most critical challenges facing Tanzania is the lack of awareness amongst technology
users. Many of these users – mostly customers, employees, students and other citizen, have little
knowledge of the level of risk they are exposed to.

CyberJamii, seek to bring awareness of Cybersecurity to our country and performing different Cybersecurity solutions at the community level.trainings in several ICT and Cyber security fields.

Our Services

Cyber security Awareness

We educate the society on how to stay safe online and offline while using these ICT gadgets such as Computers, Mobile phones, Tablets, Ipads etc. Cyber security awareness is all about how to stay safe from cybercrimes and cybercriminals as per Tanzania’s Cybercrime Act 2015.

Cyber-Incidence Response

We have all faced a security incidence whether as individuals or business. CyberJamii is equipped with skilled personnel that can react actively upon any reported incidence from individual level (such as Malware attack on a Mobile phone) to national level such as Malware outbreak spreading over the internet.

Cyber security Training

Technical team on different organizations, companies or institutions needs to be updated frequently with security courses in order to be aware and proactive from cyber threats. CyberJamii conducts security training to technical staff whether on our center or on your premises as per your request

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability assessment

CyberJamii has ethical personnel that can assess information systems and infrastructures for known vulnerability but also attempts to actively exploit weaknesses in an environment as per the owner’s requests.

Cyber security Support

CyberJamii provides support at any time to individual citizens or business owners with any problem, question or in need of technical assistance on cyber security matters without compromising your privacy.

Cyber security Consultation

organizations, companies or institutions needs to plan and implement security from the early phases so as to stay secure. We are experienced with different security technologies both proprietary or open source that can benefit your business from small businesses to international businesses.

Our Projects

Cyber Savvy Generation

We are aiming at creating not only cybersecurity but also technology inclined generation. This is through establishment of teams and clubs in schools, universities or colleges. Our purpose is to provide cyber security awareness, promote ict and cyber security innovations among youths in order to equip them to face digital world with security skills and knowledge.

Cyber Dada TZ

A initiative under CYBERJAMII aiming at upskilling girls/women with passion and interest in technology and digital security areas, empower young girls to enter in technology and digital security fields by providing trainings(virtual and physical) and mentorship programs and bring closer opportunities.

Cyber Security Awareness Forum

This involves having a forum that general public include security experts, knowledge seekers individuals, CyberJamii members, several leaders as well as other people join in order to exchange ideas (opinions, security knowledge) ,share cyber security news as well as challenge each other in different themes/subject that will be raised in order to expand our security mind pool (either labeled or anonymous way).


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What Our Clients Say

"The most influential and impactful techno-related NGO in Tanzania, that works really smart to spark awareness towards the matters pertaining to cyber security safety. As a security researcher, we are working together in making our cyber society safe from cyber attacks"

Andy Kawa
Security Researcher

As CyberKnowTz, we recognize the movement of CyberJamii in our country, as a leading platform to bring awareness and different solutions based on cyber security. To enforce CYBERCRIMES ACT 2015 to be known to the all citizen of Tanzania. Our collaboration with CyberJamii will make safe digital world to for our country.

Ally Ndimbo
C.E.O and Founder @CyberKnowTz